12 Furlongs to the Sea.


Work in Progress …
I made this image with an instinctive connection to the work of Paul Nash. In the back of my mind I knew these trees had been planted shortly after the Second World War. A time of great hope, rebuilding a nation, making great strides with a new health service and social housing whilst slowly and painfully recovering from so much destruction.
In 1918 Nash painted We are Making a New World. The title mocks of any ambitions of the war. He was looking for a new kind of symbolism. It has been suggested that Nash brings a more hopeful message besides the obvious symbols of death and destruction. The elements could create a new world, the trees could grow again.

I can see a connection to the painting with the failure of this particular species of tree to aspects of our world both physical and social. However, I also find Newborough one of the most beautiful and moving landscapes.

Ref: Imperial War Museum

Dulwich Picture Gallery
Ian A.C. Dejardin