PETROL STATIONS on the A5 in Wales

Plas Bodfa

Unus multorum
A multi-disciplinary group art exhibition
Plas Bodfa, Llangoed, Anglesea
About the subject:

The A5 is the historic road build by Telford to link London to Ireland. Initiated in 1815 to ease the Irish politicians journey to the British Parliament. I drove past these Petrol stations on the A5 on my commute during the 1980s. Some have gone, others rebuilt, several look the same.
Petrol stations on a historic road built for horse drawn carriages that will themselves be superseded with the demise of the combustion engine.

About the medium of photography:

‘Unus multorum’ - ‘one of many’

The photograph can be a unique artwork. The simplest example is the Polaroid. A photographic image can also be printed in multiples, reproduced by photomechanical processes, digitised and relayed to screens viewed by millions.
The photograph can be both image and object.

Ed Ruscha produced a small book, 26 Gasoline Stations. Photographs taken on his frequent trips between Los Angeles and Oklahoma.

“I think photography is dead as a FIne art; its only place is in the commercial world, for technical or information purposes. I don’t mean cinema photography, but still photography; that is, limited edition, individual, hand-processed photos. Mine are simply reproductions of photos.”
Ed Ruscha Artforum, v.5, February 1965

I am not an artist.
I am a photographer creating art (possibly)

mini books
Plas Bodfa Objects: Artist multiples are a series of objects produced in small and limited editions.