Initially studied at the School of Photography, Birmingham ,
More recently completed MA (photography) at Falmouth University

Personal projects are now the major part of my practice.
First exhibition, Piers Of The Realm in 1982 was supported by The Welsh Arts Council.
Themes of Britishness remains a life long project for which producing images is a reflex action.

In an era when everybody is a photographer I constantly question my role as a communicator in a visual language that has often seemed more articulate than words.

Recording and interpreting using the craft of silver based imaging has been a defining force throughout my life. Digital replaced the majority of my commercial work and I also use it extensively in my creative projects.

With over 35 years experience I continue to offer a comprehensive service to private and public sector clients.
A base in North Wales presents an opportunity to expand my services to the North West.
Examples of commercial work can be seen on this site. Enquires for high end digital studio and location work please see contact details.