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It is a botanical study beyond the short period of bloom, echoing the brevity and fragility of life. The style is borrowed from botanical practice and plays with the dichotomy of objectivity and sentimentality. My intention is to emulate the Victorians who embraced the language of flowers as unspoken communication.

The first images are deliberately dark and melancholic. It was a marker at the end of my involvement with commercial horticultural photography. It does convey a sadness for lost relationships, practices and unrecoverable time. There is an awareness that a considerable amount of my photography, professional and personal, has been about preserving the past as photographic documents.

However, this work is an attempt to recognise the present moment and delight in the experience. Embracing life and accepting it moves towards an ultimate end. Rejoicing in the knowledge that the desiccated and fragile flowers remain beautiful and hold the key to the future.

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